Software Programs

Software programs are used by many people to generate buy and sell signals. After developing a trading strategy, you can back test the strategy over thousands of stocks over many years. If proven to be successful, the software can automatically generate buy and sell signals everyday based on your strategy.

I recommend Amibroker as a technical analysis program. Its got a great customer base and support system. Its easy to use, and is reasonably priced.

However, it may not suit everyone. Here is a list of the other biggest software companies out there. Most of the software listed below can accept historical stock quotes in metastock format.

Website Price Software
Altreva Adaptive Modeler $3,995 Advanced GET $74 per month AIQ. Importing Guide. $199 AmiBroker (recommended). Amibroker Guide. FREE AptiStock $69.95 Bull's-Eye Broker $1945 Dynamic Trader $429 EzyChart. Importing Guide. $499 MetaStock. Importing Guide.

- Microsoft Excel $1497 NeoTicker $995 Ninja Trader $495 OmniTrader. Importing Guide. $119 first year Optimal Trader $129 ProTA $249 per month Trade Station. Importing Guide. TWS Interactive Brokers

The prices above can change over time. Refer to the website for exact details of the products and their prices.