Stop reading. Start Paper Trading

For some reason, the general perception of trading, is that it's a fun, fast paced, excitement filled skill of the few. To the uninitiated, they do not usually associate it with work. Trading actually is a precise and unfortunately boring activity. For the few who manage to master the basics and earn a living, the rewards are fantastic. These clever traders are highly disciplined in applying, and reapplying their trading strategy. This is the simple secret to having a bank balance that keeps on multiplying.

The traders who consistently make profit in the share market are repetitive, and do the same things over and over again. It may seem boring, but it works. The method, once is perfected, delivers profits again and again.

In today's internet age, there is so much information available about trading. There are hundreds and thousands of books. Every book shop, even the small ones have a significant portion of their book store dedicated to trading and investing. There are hundreds of forum
s, blogs, and articles online discussing the secrets of trading. You can never read them all. So do not try. Every book has a different approach. If you read them all, you'll confuse yourself. There are more books written about share trading, than there are shares listed. Don't get me wrong. Knowledge is power. You should never stop learning. But there is a limit to how many books you should read before deciding to start trading. If you've read heaps and heaps of books, and your bookshelf is full of trading books, and you still haven't started trading yet, maybe it's time to stop reading, and start practising.

Once you've learnt the basic charting patterns, you can start practising immediately. You don't need to read all the books on people's theories on all the different charting patterns there are. Just start learning the basics and start practising right away. Paper trade again and again until you've honed your skills, and are consistently profitable. It may be boring and repetitive, but repetition is the key to consistent profits in the share market.