yahoo vs google finance

In the online world, yahoo has been established for alot longer than google. Google finance is the new kid on the block. Even though I'm a big google fan. I love almost all google products. However, I'm still happy to admit that google finance still has a long way to go before they can even compete in my eyes.

Historical Stock Data

Yahoo provides historical stock data for any stock exchange in the whole world. (except for the Dow Jones Index, and some stocks due to copyright issues).

Google on the other hand only allows you to download historical stock data for certain stock exchanges. They don't let you download data for the Australian Securities Exchange, or National Stock Exchange of India, amongst many others.

Stock Screener

Google's stock screener is alot more user friendly than yahoo's. They use sliding bars, with a visual graph on where most stocks belong in the grand scheme of things. Yahoo is using old fashioned drop down menus. However, yahoo does provide a stock screener API for programmers, whereas google finance API has been decommissioned for a while now.

Both stock screeners only cater for the U.S. market for the time being. No other stock exchanges in the world are accommodated for yet. With India and Singapore currently leading the way for stock market research online, both companies need to get their act together, and start thinking about it's users needs.

Stock Charts

Google Stock charts allow users to add 12 of the most popular indicators, and oscillators.
Yahoo provides one extra, placing the count at 13 technical indicators.

Yahoo vs Google Finance in the World

Below is a chart on the global search volumes of 'yahoo finance' and 'google finance' performed on the google search engine. Even on its own web search, google still loses to yahoo finance.

yahoo finance search volume. google finance search volume.
yahoo vs google finance
Data provided by google trends on 19/12/2011.

Google Finance has alot of potential. Once they sort out their copyright issues, and are able to provide stock screeners, and historical data for any stock exchange in the world, I think they will win the fight in the end. Until then, I'll continue to use yahoo finance for now.

Which do you prefer? You can place comments below if logged into your google account. (notice the irony?)