Download Yahoo Finance Data to Excel Spreadsheet

Yahoo Finance has a great free service for downloading historical data for most of the stock exchanges in the world. Depending on the stock exchange, the data can go back as far as 1969. Thats over 40 years of free historical data.
Anyone can download the data, and back test their trading techniques before trading using real money. The data is available in both raw (unadjusted) prices, and adjusted for stock splits, and dividends. Time periods can be EOD (end of day), end of week, or end of year.
Here is a spreadsheet to download the data from yahoo finance for free. It downloads the unadjusted prices, and converts it into metastock format for easy use.
The files can be imported into software programs such as Amibroker, and used for technical analysis of shares / stocks. 

Step 1: download spreadsheet

Step 2: Insert symbols into the symbols tab of the spreadsheet. Remember to include the yahoo suffix for your stock exchange.

Step 3: Press the 'Download' button on the spreadsheet.