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A few years ago, I decided to look at trading stocks, and start building my financial portfolio. After some research, I decided to choose technical analysis over fundamental analysis. Being a programmer myself, this seemed like the natural option. Unfortunately I found it really hard getting my hands on some historical stock data in order to test out my trading strategies. I hadn't started serious trading yet, and didn't want to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. I just wanted some reliable data that I could start playing around with. I might choose a paid option later down the track, but for an initial poke around, I didn't need second by second tick data. I just wanted reliable EOD data.

I found some sites that provided a month or a week of free historical data, but none for years of data. And there were very few options for people outside the U.S.. I live in Australia, and found it very hard getting reliable data. So I went and created two different downloader functions to get the data I needed. I'm sharing it with other traders here for free, and hope it will help them with their trading strategies as well.

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