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Commsec vs NAB Online Trading

Here's the facts on ASX EOD Data: Commsec Vs NAB Online Trading. I've tried to keep it as objective as possible. Enjoy!

Date Formats:
- NAB Online Trading allows traders to enter in their date for a EOD Data request.
- Commsec allows traders to select a date from a popup monthly calendar. As commsec does not let you quickly scroll to a specific date, selecting a date a few years back can take a little time.

Date Range:
- Nab Online Trading's EOD ASX data goes back to 1983.
- Commsec EOD ASX data goes back to  2005.

Data Formats
EOD Formats Available on NAB Online Trading:
- Metastock
- Ezy Chart
- Insight Trader
- Metastock (Vol / 100)

EOD Formats Available on Commsec:
- Metastock
- Ezy Chart
- Insight Trader
- Stock Easy
- Metastock Vol(100)

EOD Files
NAB's EOD data is available in one file.

Commsec allows traders to download data in two files:
- ASX EQUITIES (includes price data for shares, warrants, indices and interest rate codes)
- ASX ETOS (Exchange Traded Options)

On Tuesday 9th September 2008:
- NAB's Metastock EOD ASX file contained 5387 entries
- Commsec Metastock ASX Equities file contained 1948 entries
- Commsec Metastock ASX ETOS file contained 1544 entries

- NAB Online Metastock Filename: historicaldata.txt
- Commsec ASX EQUITIES Metastock Filename: ASXEQUITIESMetastock-20080909.txt
- Commsec ASX ETOS Metastock Filename: ASX.txt

Sample Data:
- NAB Metastock
- Commsec ASX EQUITIES Metastock
- Commsec ASX ETOS

Hope the above info helped. :)