This page will explain how to use Historical Data Downloader.xls to download historical stock data from yahoo finance. It uses the power of Microsoft Excel macros to get LIVE up to date historical stock data.

Step 1: Open Historical Data Downloader.xls. You will need Microsoft Excel 2003 or higher. The examples below are done using Excel 2007. Go to the MS excel 2003 example.

Step 2: Enable Macros

When opening up the spreadsheet, you may see a security warning. Select the Options button.

Security Warning

Click on enable this content.

Enable Macros

Step 3: Paste your list of stock symbols in the symbols tab. Non american stocks will require a  yahoo finance suffix.

symbols tab

Step 4: Select the historical data date ranges, and where you want to save the csv files.

input screen

Step 5: Press the 'Download' button. You can download the data as unadjusted (raw) , or adjusted for stock splits and dividends.

You will see excel start getting the historical data from yahoo finance. This process can take some time. Press ESC a few times to stop processing.

You will need to restart excel if you want to continue processing.

download status

As each stock symbol is completed, a csv (comma separated value) file will be created in your chosen location.

saved files

Sample output file of AAU stock:

sample file

If you have any problems or queries, see our FAQ or feel free to contact me.