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Historical stock prices for the Dow Jones Index stocks (DJIA) stocks can be downloaded using the spreadsheet:

You will also need to feed the DJIA symbols list into the spreadsheet.

To download the data, perform the following steps:
  • Download the spreadsheet: historical data downloader.xls
  • Paste the DJIA symbols into the symbols tab of the spreadsheet.
  • Choose your start and end dates. 
  • The default location to save the historical files is C:\historicaldata\. You can change this to any location you prefer.
  • Select your data frequency
    • EOD (end of day) - Daily
    • End of Week - weekly
    • End of Month - monthly
  • The spreadsheet can either download the data where the close price is unadjusted (raw) or adjusted for stock splits and dividends. Select 'Download (raw)',  or 'Download (adjusted)'.
The spreadsheet will download the historical prices for each stock in metastock csv (comma separated values) files. Each stock will be contained in its own file.

If you want to download more stocks that are not in the DJIA index list, you can feed this into the spreadsheet. Put each stock symbol into cell A2, A3, A4...etc. One cell per stock symbol. Press the 'download' button.

Once you've downloaded your historical data, you can import them into your technical analysis software program.